Should I Hire an Agency for SEO? The Ultimate Guide to DIY vs. Hiring Success (2024)

Should I hire an Agency for SEO?

Key takeaways

Should I hire or do it myself? 

Although you may be able to perform SEO yourself by following tutorials or even your own intuition, hiring an expert agency will always be advisable. This is why:

  • The steps to carry out an effective SEO strategy involve researching keywords, optimizing or creating content, adapting your website, and building backlinks. The whole process is time-consuming and challenging, and even more so if you don’t have the experience and the expertise in the matter. 
  • SEO is constantly changing. Search engines change their algorithms to offer quality content all the time. That’s why, not being an SEO expert can represent not being aware of these changes, staying behind with new guidelines, and failing to create an effective strategy.
  • The lack of expertise can lead to continuous iterations to achieve the desired results. This can lead to frustration, time, and money loss.

Quick test: Does my business need SEO?

Whether you are planning on hiring an agency or doing it yourself, you first need to know if you really need to carry out an SEO strategy. Complete this quiz to find out!

Have a look at the following statements.

  • Our company is not reaching our revenue goals
  • Our website has many visits but very few conversions
  • Nobody visits our website
  • We’ve spent tons on paid ads without any results
  • Our marketing campaigns don’t seem to work
  • We offer an excellent product/service but people are not interested in it
  • I can’t even find our own company on Google
  • Our physical store is thriving, but our online presence is poor
  • Potential customers don’t know exactly what we are offering
  • Our competitors are far stronger than us
  • Nobody knows about our company and what we do

If you resonate with any of the statements above, you need SEO!

Benefits of hiring an SEO company

Many company owners believe that SEO can be implemented by any of their employees in the IT, marketing, or content departments. However, even if any of them knows some of the concepts involved in SEO, the truth is that strategies are not easy to carry out if you are not an expert. Even if your company has hired one or two people in the field to work specifically on these tasks, nothing compares to having a whole team of experts specialized in this area. Let’s see why!

Benefits of hiring an SEO company

Specialized expertise

SEO involves many different areas, and SEO experts normally specialize in just one of them. Hiring an SEO agency means having a whole team of experts, who are specialized in the different branches of this service, offering a comprehensive solution for integral results. At SEO Alive, we also specialize in different industries and market areas, including cybersecurity, healthcare, education, and others. This introduces another layer of expertise to add value to your SEO strategy, ensuring our solutions are perfectly aligned with the services you offer. 

Cost efficiency 

Dedicating company resources to carrying out SEO actions means taking them from somewhere else in the company. By hiring an SEO agency, these tasks can be delegated to a team outside the company, reducing the time dedicated to SEO to just a few hours a month to discuss the next steps and key points.

Unbiased opinion/Objective view

Some SEO strategies seem to be contradictory with traditional marketing concepts. For non-specialized personnel, mentioning competitors on their website, for instance, could be unthinkable, but, from an SEO-centered approach, results can be boosted. From this point of view, an SEO agency can focus on implementing the necessary strategies with an unbiased position, centering their attention on achieving results.

Strategic planning and execution

At SEO Alive, we analyze each of our client’s industries, buyer personas, target audiences, and many other aspects before even designing a strategy. That means that all our work is customized to detail, ensuring effectiveness and success. We align with the marketing team on your side to continuously offer an ongoing strategy, adapted to fluctuations that may emerge throughout the process.

Tool and resources

Providing an efficient SEO strategy implies using different software tools that are usually paid for. Increased costs can emerge from paying for licenses, and these can be proportionally high if used in a single company. SEO agencies have continuous access to these tools and use them for different clients, distributing the cost among them, and thus making it less expensive for every individual customer. Additionally, we use our own tool SEOcrawl, which compiles most of the necessary information to analyze your web and execute strategies accordingly.

SEOcrawl Dashboard
SEOcrawl Dashboard

Data-driven decisions 

SEO strategies involve using software tools to collect data about the website, its users, and their behavior, analyzing it to detect trends and opportunities for improvement, and determining the following steps accordingly. After that, these steps need to be implemented, and their impact analyzed. Without these constant iterations and analyses, specialists cannot guarantee that their work is efficient. 

In an agency, these steps are carried out by many different people in a team, distributing tasks among them to make the process faster. Besides, dedicating to a single part of the process allows every actor in it to specialize in their own task and become experts in them. For a single person in a company, this entire process could take up hours of valuable time every month, which can be replaced by just a few monthly meetings with the specialized SEO team.

Flexibility and adaptability

The basic concepts of SEO involve adjusting your website to certain guidelines for search engines to rank it higher on their results page. However, these guidelines are constantly changing, and they need to be followed as quickly as possible to avoid falling behind and losing organic traffic. Specialists are up-to-date with these essential details and can adjust and restructure their strategies accordingly, which can be very difficult for amateurs.

How do I choose a good SEO company?

Once you have decided to hire an SEO agency to boost your sales and increase organic traffic to your website, you need to find the right one that suits your needs. There are many different agencies to choose from in the market, and some have better methodologies and offer better results than others. For this reason, researching a few options is advisable before making the final decision. Here are some of the factors that can help you find the perfect SEO agency for your company.

How do I choose a good SEO company?

What to look for (expert’s tips)

Business Goals

Even before looking at agency options, we recommend defining your own business goals. Whether you are looking to gain more clients, generate a stronger online presence, or raise brand awareness, having a clear objective will help you determine which SEO agencies are more aligned with your business views.

Industry expertise

The success of SEO strategies often depends on the agency’s ability to align with the needs that your market area poses. Choosing an agency that has already worked with other companies in the same industry means they already have the necessary expertise in it, and thus are more likely to be capable of achieving good results. If they aren’t, you can also have a look and try to understand how they have worked with other companies and how well they adapted to their industry. Their success stories work as a portfolio of their trajectory and serve as examples of adaptability.

Track Records and Case Studies

Case stories can be found on many websites, sharing agencies’ experiences offering their services to a variety of companies. However, success stories must include tangible data to be considered reliable; look for statistics, including improved ranking, increased organic traffic, and general business growth for their clients.


Because SEO strategies take long to show results, serious agencies normally provide regular reports portraying the actions they have taken and the results they’ve had, as little as they may be. This way, you will know that they are, indeed, doing what’s necessary to harvest successful outcomes later. This also includes understanding the steps involved in the process, from the first proposal is offered until the contract is finished.

Team structure

As mentioned before, a reliable SEO agency should be composed of specialists in different areas. This includes SEO specialists, content creators, web developers, and data analysts among others. This will guarantee that the work is done correctly and with top professionalism. Many agencies out there offer SEO services but their expertise is very limited, they carry out basic and generic strategies and they don’t analyze data before and after implementing them, leading to poor or no results.

Strategy customization

For some agencies, SEO means using generic formulas that will bring good results to any client. Playing safe with these kinds of strategies can be better than not optimizing at all, but only a customized approach can bring impressive results, with outstanding statistics and increased conversion rates. Make sure the agency you are hiring adjusts its strategies to your specific industry and business goals.

Communication and Contract

Together with transparency, communication is key to ensure that the implementation of strategies is well-oiled and that the contract is complied with. Assign at least one person in your marketing or administrative team to keep fluent communication with the agency. Establish how this communication between both sides will be, what kind of reports you will receive, and what services will be provided for the price agreed. 

What to avoid

What to avoid choosing a SEO company

Content automation

Although AI content creation can make this process faster and more efficient, it can also affect EEAT and organic visibility in search engines. Therefore, using tools like ChatGPT uncontrollably can cause the opposite of what we want to achieve through SEO.

Prospects that are too good to be true

SEO can indeed bring outstanding results if strategies are implemented properly. However, exact statistics are impossible to forecast, and prospects have to be clearly shown as estimations. Additionally, most SEO strategies take a long time to show results. Beware of agencies that offer exact prospects and short-term results. 

Suspiciously low prices

As said before, some agencies cover just a few aspects of the entire SEO spectrum instead of offering a comprehensive approach. Those agencies which offer a complete service, probably have a whole team working on your website to push results over-the-edge results. Inevitably, this means increased costs for the agency, which are reflected in the final price for the client. Therefore, lower prices normally represent poorly managed strategies.

Success Stories (real-world examples)

One of our most outstanding cases: offers chess enthusiasts a platform to challenge fellow players, and informative blog posts with the latest news and strategies about this exciting sport.

Thanks to SEO Alive, moved from less than 1 million clicks per month to more than 1 million per day! Isn’t that impressive? 

Success Storie


Norlase is a Danish company that manufactures ophthalmic lasers particularly innovative for their portability and ease of use, allowing ophthalmologists to offer eye surgery in remote areas, outside a specifically designed surgery room. Our SEO efforts led to +8000% traffic, +3500% implemented keywords, and +60% conversions

Success storie Norlase


We highly encourage hiring an SEO agency to ensure significant results by leaving your online presence in the hands of specialists. Though some managers may decide to do it on their own, counting on the expertise of an experienced SEO team will always be the best option. Follow our tips to find the agency that best aligns with your business goals and guarantees the great results you are looking for.

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Do you need an SEO agency?

Although hiring an agency is not essential to carry out SEO strategies, it is highly advisable to do so. Experts are aware of the latest updates in the area, offer their specialized knowledge in all the different tasks involved, and can analyze all the necessary data to provide a customized service based on your business needs and industry specifications.

Is it worth hiring an SEO agency?

Absolutely! SEO can help you grow your online presence, reach a bigger audience, and achieve increased conversion rates, helping you on your way to your business goals. Hiring an SEO agency will boost your efforts, as you will be leaving this matter in the hands of experts!

Can I do SEO by myself?

You may be able to perform SEO techniques on your own to boost traffic to your website, but it might be very time-consuming and frustrating if you are not an expert. We highly suggest contacting a specialized agency to do this work for you and guarantee the best results.

What should I look for in an SEO company?

There are many factors to consider when analyzing different options of SEO agencies, but the most important are transparency, real success stories, a comprehensive team of specialists, and a customized approach for every client.

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