SEO Alive’s mission is to position the websites of our clients in the highest rankings, always taking into account the sector of each of them in order to achieve an optimal conversion ratio.


Our vision is to become the #1 specialized SEO agency in the market, differentiating ourselves by our professionalism when it comes to achieving positive results for our clients.

Our Values

Our Team

David Kaufmann
David Kaufmann(CEO & Co-Founder)
Marta Adell
Marta Adell(CFO & Co-Founder)
Jesús Páez
Jesús PáezSEO Director
Alonso Abellán
Alonso Abellán(SEO Consultant)
Rocío Luque
Rocío LuqueSEO Consultant .
Francisco de Luís
Francisco de LuísSEO Consultant