Content Marketing

From a SEO perspective, Content Marketing is a key strategy to get to appear on the best places of Google search results or on any other search engine.

What is Content Marketing for SEO?

Content Marketing is a strategy intended to direct users to the more relevant webpages for their businesses using content (articles, blogs…) as a tool to acquire free and qualified traffic. Thus, we create a recurring traffic source month after month and ensure our business receives a steady visit flow that grows exponentially.

How can SEO Alive help you rank higher with Content Marketing?

SEO Alive is an agency specialized in optimized content marketing that offers customized strategies focused on satisfying both the user and the search engines. In order to do so, we focus mainly on

Your Business’ Buyer Persona

Creating your buyer persona is the first process that will help you to define a successful content marketing strategy. Our professional team will analyze who is your target audience as well as their needs and interests. According to this information, we will establish an appropriate and optimized content strategy, whatever the format (videos, guides, tutorials, service or product webpages…).

Keyword Analysis and Selection

Through full keyword research, we will determine how each of the terms is to be implemented. Keyword selection will be largely defined based on search volume, level of difficulty positioning against organic competition, seasonality and trends, as well as the level of the conversion funnel.

Editorial Calendar Creation

We create a comprehensive editorial calendar in which we set an order for the text creation according to the keywords we want to rank first and foremost. Similarly, we will define the content type according to the inverted pyramid for conversion, the business cornerstones to which we want to give more visibility and the most important on-page SEO elements.

Unique Quality Content

SEO strategies through content marketing include monitoring unique content to ensure the contents are original and not at risk of being penalized for duplicated content. Likewise, we offer solutions to guarantee that they not only rank well thanks to their optimization, but also have punch and are user-friendly.

Results Measure and Analysis

To achieve the expected results, the content creation is just as important as the final performance they are giving us. Measure these results through KPIs will work to analyze if the initial strategy should go on or if it should be reconsidered.

Clear Reporting

On a weekly basis, we will send you a report with the status of all the articles that have been published and the optimizations made. In addition, every month, we will send you a report with the impact that all the published content has had in terms of visibility and traffic.

Our clients and success stories

We are very proud to be able to help or have worked in the past with these amazing companies:
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