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We have been on the SEO industry for +5 years already and we love what we do. That is why we provide end-to-end services on this field.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can not be approached with a single focus. That is why we offer end-to-end services so as every single aspect of your SEO strategy is completely covered. Through mastering each of the following areas, your company will obtain high-performing results on the short and the long-term.

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  • SEO Checklist

The 49-point SEO Checklist

When developing an SEO strategy for a website, it’s important to methodically analyze as many factors related to web optimization and ranking as possible. An SEO checklist can be the [...]

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We are very proud to be able to work with the following Companies and Marketing Agencies from all sizes around the world. For us, their success is our obsession and we give our best every single day to provide them with the best results.

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“David and his team at SEO Alive have been the critical driving force behind the SEO efforts at Chess.com. In the years we have worked with them we have seen massive growth in our organic traffic. Frankly, I just listen to what David says, and then tell our team to do it, and both rankings and traffic go up. It’s that easy!”

Erik Allebest, Chess.com CEO

“The team from SEO Alive are true SEO experts. They identify and then prioritize the necessary steps to improve your overall website performance.”

Jay Severson, Rency CEO

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We are very proud to be working with cutting-edge SEO tools and have partnerships with the leaders of the SEO industry. At the end, we want the best for our clients and that is why we use the best SEO tools.

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