Charting New Horizons: Norlase’s SEO-Driven Triumph in the U.S. Ophthalmic Market

Norlase, a Danish company specializing in ophthalmic lasers, aimed to establish a presence in the highly competitive US market by August 2021. However, their website was only optimized for brand keywords, limiting their visibility and potential reach. Of customers.

Actions performed

  • Structural Improvements: An architectural restructuring was carried out to optimize the structure of the website, improving navigation and the user experience. This included optimizing metadata, headers, and other technical elements.
  • Image Optimization: Website images have been optimized for better performance, faster load times, and higher user engagement.
  • SEO Article and Content Calendar: Created custom SEO articles, aimed at Norlase’s target audience and focused on their expertise in retina specialization. A well-planned content calendar ensured a consistent delivery of valuable content.
  • Internal Linking: Strategic internal linking was implemented to improve website navigation, user engagement and visibility in search engines. This approach improved the overall SEO value of the website.
  • Link Building: A comprehensive link building strategy was employed to establish authoritative links from trusted sources. This helped improve Norlase’s website authority and search engine ranking.

Results Achieved

+8,000% TRAFFIC

Norlase experienced a staggering increase in website traffic, going from 52 clicks in August 2021, to 4,100 clicks by August 2023.

+3,500% KEYWORDS

Norlase’s website achieved an exceptional increase in keyword ranking in the top 10. Its visibility expanded from ranking for just 7 keywords in August 2021 to an impressive total of 247 keywords in August of 2023.


The SEO campaign led to a significant 61% increase in organic registrations between 2022 and 2023. Notably, the SEO articles, alongside the homepage and contact page, acted as valuable conversion sources, further reinforcing Norlase’s success.

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