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Building an online shop with attracting qualified traffic and converting it to loyal clients.

Why SEO is so important for Ecommerce?

Building an online show is not an easy task. Neither attracting qualified traffic and convert it to loyal clients. That is why an excellent acquisition strategy is fundamental. In this guide for Ecommerce SEO, we will take a look at the common mistakes, how to build a solid strategy and what are the most important points to take in account. Let’s go!

Basic Mistakes

We will start this guide checking some of the basic mistakes that most of e-commerce sites make when designing their SEO strategy. These mistakes translate in worst results and consequently, less visits, less revenue and be missing great opportunities. Something worth mentioning is that most of the times, a lot of ecommerce sites work in high-competitive markets and need to be fighting day after day against their competitors. Not being up-do-date on their SEO strategy, means a big competitive disadvantage and could mean the difference between success and business failure.

Indexation Out of Control

Elements like url parameters, due to filters, can create millions of urls, which can cause having Google wasting valuable crawling resources with pages with zero value.

Web-Architecture Missing

Not having a site-architecture well defined, will create us cannibalization issues between pages, crawling issues and also it will confuse our users.

Content Duplicity

Duplicated product-descriptions, empty categories, products without stock… If we do not handle all these situations properly, our SEO strategy won’t achieve the results we want.

Strategy for our Ecommerce SEO

After seeing the most common mistakes, probably you are wondering… “And now what?”. We have prepared you 9 essentials elements so as to make sure your site is following the Ecommerce SEO best practices and that you have everything to guarantee the success of your business.


Each of the pages from your ecommerce needs to have a unique title, friendly url, a good meta-description, unique content, optimized images and most importantly, be prepared for the user.


Can GoogleBot and users access all the pages from your site in less than 34 clicks? Having a good interlinking strategy is key for a good crawling process and a good navigation for users.


Can GoogleBot access all your pages easily and withour errors? Are there any redirects? Each error consumes crawl budget and slows the success of our site.

Content Strategy

Do we have a content calendar with all the topics we want to target? Do we have a blog that will increase our visibility and will provide us qualified users?


Do we have a content calendar with all the topics we want to target? Do we have a blog that will increase our visibility and will provide us qualified users?


Are we answering My Business reviews? Do we have a GMB profile optimized? Keeping our users and our potential clients updates will be critical for our success.

Structured Data

Are we using the Rich Structured Data Markups for our content (receipts, articles, videos…)? We want to provide the best visibility for our content.

Brand Building

Are we supporting our SEO strategy with a good brand strategy to build loyalty and recurrent clients? We want users to love our brand and recommend it.


Are there any areas that are not working as they should? The constant analysis process, together with an error-detection process and suggestion of improvements will be fundamental to improve day after day.

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