A few days ago we announced that SEO Alive turned one year old. During this time, not only did we have the pleasure of working with big brands, but also we embarked on a much more ambitious project: Building one of the best SEO software in the world.

Today, we are delighted to announce its first release publicly available that offers the possibility to sign up for free. Probably you’re thinking… what is it exactly and what makes it so different?

Our software developed by SEO Alive gathers all data from Search Console and works thoroughly on it to provide you with useful insights you can use to make better decisions. Whether it’s graphs, trend analysis, alerts… our tool gives you data that would otherwise take hours to collect and some couldn’t even be harvested.

Here’s a detailed analysis of each feature we’ve included in the first software release so you can take a closer look:


On our Dashboard, you can see all projects at a single glance, and check their performance over the past 28 days. In addition, you can easily add new projects and have them all listed in alphabetical order. There is also a search bar on our SEO software that streamlines management when you have several projects.

Dashboard SEO

SEO Dashboard overview with all projects

Adding a project on SEO Alive software is really easy.

Connect SEO Project

Once you add a project, you just need one click to connect the Search Console API and you are ready

You just need to:

  • Click “Add Project”
  • Add the web name and URL
  • Connect the Search Console API in 1 click and…
  • Ready!

Project View

As soon as you connect your project to the Search Console API, the tool will automatically download the last 16 months of data. With this, you will have all the history available and see the monthly evolving graph in detail.

Thanks to this fact, the data volume on SEO Alive software will always be bigger than on the Search Console since the latter only allows 16 months of data. However, with our solution, for example if you synchronized your project 5 months ago, you will have 21 months of data (16 months downloaded + 5 months of history). Amazing, right?


SEO Graphs

The tool will display by default the last few months of data meaning you can see the evolution from a broader perspective


Reading data on Search Console can be confusing and time consuming sometimes. You go there every day, see the performance, and then you wonder: How is traffic evolving from last month or last year? Data filtering is a tedious task. However, on SEO Alive software, by default we show you data from the last 28 days comparing it to the previous 28 days.

SEO Performance

Graph showing the last 28 days compared to the previous 28 days

And in a few weeks, we will also compare it to the same month of the previous year. Therefore, you will have available a quick overview about the performace of:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Average Position

Keyword Analysis

You access Search Console, see a traffic drop or increase… and now what? How do you relate it to a particular keyword or page? It’s quite difficult to do it on the Search Console. That’s why we’ve created this page showing you your best keywords (without the Search Console’s limit of 1,000 rows per download) and the variations experienced at click, impressions, CTR and average position level.

SEO Keywords

Detailed analysis of keyword performance with variations data

On top of that, we are working on some filters and tools to sort data which allow you to exploit data even further (by country, device, keywords that have improved/worsened…)

New & Lost Keywords

Often, thousands of keywords and opportunities go unnoticed as we have no way to see which keywords have begun to position and which of them have disappeared.

Translating this into SEO terms:

  • Which keywords did not exist and now have impressions
  • Which keywords had impressions but not anymore
New & Lost Keywords

The New & Lost Keyword report shows valuable information about trends

With this report, you can take action both to recover lost keywords and to boost the keywords that are starting to position.

Top Performance

The Top Performance section is probably one of the best on our software. Here you can view quickly which keywords have grown the most at the click, impression, CTR and average position level over different periods of time. Thus, you can link traffic growth/decrease to specific keywords.

SEO Keyword Movements

Keyword display report with greater variation of clicks

This report is available for clicks, impressions, CTR and average position, and very soon it will have filters by country, device, and much more…


Having the traffic variation identified by keywords and pages is awesome. But, especially in global projects, having this information filtered by country is even more useful. With this report, you can see all traffic sorted by country and its variation by date.

SEO Countries

SEO data variations report filtered by country


We already deemed SEO data information essential at the keyword level, and the same is true for the pages (URLs). Knowing exactly where the major fluctuations and changes have occurred allows us to act immediately and achieve great short-term benefits.


Knowing URL changes is essential if you want to perfectly understand an SEO project

A simple example: We see that one of the pages in the top-3 traffic has lost 100 clicks. We find that the impression level remains equal but the CTR has lost 15%. We can certainly improve the results just by analyzing its title and meta-description, and making some improvements. A 5-minute task that can bring great benefits to your business.

Other features

As you explore our SEO software, you’ll discover other great features like:

  • SEO data by device (desktop, tablet and mobile) plus variations
  • User Management
  • and much more…


So far everything sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Are you worried about the cost? Don’t be! We’ve thought about everything, so we’ve developed 6 different plans to suit each need/condition:

  • Free: 1 project and 1 user COMPLETELY FREE! so you can try the entire software without thinking about the cost
  • Starter: 3 projects and 3 users. €29/month or €290/year
  • Professional: 10 projects and unlimited users. €99/month or €990/year
  • Business: 25 projects and unlimited users. €249/month or €2490/year
  • Agency: 50 projects and unlimited users. €399/month or €3990/year
  • Elite: Unlimited projects and unlimited users. €899/month or €8990/year

These prices are subject to the software release and may vary as we add more features like data export, API connection…

Help & Support

For us, helping and supporting each individual user signed up four our SEO software is CRITICAL.

SEO Support

SEO Alive Support System

That’s why we have implemented 2 help systems that can be activated by clicking the “Support” button on the sidebar.

  • Improvement and Fault Reporting System: When clicking “Feedback & Bugs”, you access a tool that allows you to point out bugs, and suggest ideas and improvements. The tool is directly connected to our Jira -our development environment- to coordinate quickly with our programming team. This is very useful because when submitting a ticket, it includes information such as the URL where it occurred, a screenshot…
SEO Feedback

SEO Alive Feedback & Bugs tool

  • Live Support Chat: When clicking on the second option “Support”, you access a live chat on Intercom tool where we can assist you with any issue you may have, whether related to billing, collaboration agreements, or anything else you may need.

Potential Uses

After reading all this, you may be wondering… How can this tool be useful to me? That’s why we’ve prepared 7 cases where we think you could get the most out of it:

  1. Live Reporting: Giving access to customers allows you to use it as a SEO reporting tool without the need to make long and complex PDFs. All data is updated in real time so the customer can always have updated data.
  2. Product Trend Analysis: If you want to see which products are growing the most in your e-commerce, just go to the Top Clicks report to see them.
  3. Branded vs. Non-Branded Keyword Analysis: If a user searches for a brand, that cannot be classified as part of SEO traffic as the user wishes to go directly to the web. That’s branded traffic. Being able to differentiate branded traffic from SEO traffic is essential. With our filters, you can have an SEO report in seconds to set both concepts apart.
  4. Cannibalization Detection: A cannibalization detection tool will be available very soon. It will be linked to performance data, meaning you can make a decision on which one is the good page in that cannibalization in a short and accurate manner.
  5. Traffic Variations after Updates: Analyzing traffic variations after a Google update will be very easy as you can see performance graphs compared to the previous period without any additional setup.
  6. Content Curation: Coming soon, we’ll offer you a tool to make notes on your graphs. Using this tool, you can see how your changes have an impact and keep track of everything.
  7. Data Warehouse: As we mentioned above, from the moment you connect your project to the Search Console API, you can benefit from more data by removing the export bar from all 1,000 rows, as well as the 16 month export. With our software, you can have a lot more data, and it will be organized in a more visually engaging and user-friendly way.

Next Steps

We sincerely believe significant progress have been made in these months of hard work. However, we are 100% aware that if we really want to develop the best SEO software in the world, we need to improve A LOT. That’s why we’ll be sharing our product roadmap in a transparent manner so you can be part of it and help us.

Our goals for the next steps are:

  • Software translation into 10 languages
  • Cannibalizations dashboard development
  • Creating filters by country, device, values…
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Email and Slack alert system development
  • Usability and design optimizations
  • And much more…

Are you ready to join the future of SEO? We look forward to seeing you!

Sign up now for free in SEO Alive Software!

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