App Store Optimization

App ranking or ASO (App Store Optimization) – is a key part of SEO that can mean big improvements in the billing. So having the apps optimized in Android and iOS becomes a priority.

What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization, that is, the optimization of mobile apps in order to boost organic visibility and get to appear on the best places of user queries on the different app stores (Google Play Store, App Store…) ASO and SEO share the same concept, but the difference is that the latter doesn’t focus on the optimization on search engines like Google. Besides that, when an app gets relevance in a store, it also gets to rank for the different categories inside of them (Top Charts).
However, at SEO Alive we don’t stop at the visibility phase, we go further. For us it is also important that when users find your application, they want to download it, for this reason we also work on those elements that favor its conversion in order to enhance it.

Why this market is so cost-effective?

Undoubtedly, the app marketplace is now a consolidated market, and creating an app has become one of the most cost-effective practices. Why? We will answer that question below using different data from studies made by the Statista company.


There are more than 2700 millions of smartphone users worldwide


90% of the time we use our smartphones we are using apps.



There are 1.8 million apps available in App Store and 2.7 million in Google Play Store.


The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps every month


More than 190 billion downloads are expected just in Google Play in 2021
Considering these data, we understand why you decided to create an app. However, you have already learned the amount of competitors you will face. Don’t walk alone in this journey. At SEO Alive , we want to help you achieve your dream!

Why you should let SEO Alive help you meet your goal?

We offer a comprehensive ASO optimization service without losing sight of the ultimate goal: multiplying your app downloads and, therefore, boosting your business billing.
For this we have a great team of ASO experts who will be pleased to help you, and will put at your disposal all their experience at defining ranking strategies on app stores. Their expertise has provided them a complete control of market leading tools (TheTool, AppTweak, Sensor Tower and much more.)

Our clients and success stories

We are very proud to be able to help or have worked in the past with these amazing companies:
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