If SEO Alive exists is because of our clients. We own them everything and that is why we work very hard every single day to provide them with the best results. Despite being an Agency, we consider ourselves one more of the team and we make sure to work together with every client to understand their needs, their goals and add all our resources, energy, passion and motivation to achieve them.

Through our SEO Services, we offer end-to-end SEO consulting so as companies can focus on their success, making sure their SEO Growth Strategy is in good hands. Would you like to know a bit more about our stats, our methodology and also meet some of our clients? Please, keep reading and check them out!

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Client Reviews

“David and his team at SEO Alive have been the critical driving force behind the SEO efforts at In the years we have worked with them we have seen massive growth in our organic traffic from 1M organic visits per month on January 2017 to +6M/month on 2019. Frankly, I just listen to what David says, and then tell our team to do it, and both rankings and traffic go up. It’s that easy!”

Erik Allebest, CEO

Meticulous work with very well prepared meetings.
Great contribution of ideas and proposals to improve the search and social presence.

Angel Martín, El Vergel Veggie Restaurant

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