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What is Link Building?

Link Building

Link building is the practice of acquiring links from quality web portals whose topic is closely related to that of your website, and to point directly to your website. In this way, Google understands that our content is been referenced and, therefore, it gives it a better ranking in the search results.

No matter how much we struggle to create quality content; if the website on which it’s hosted has no authority and relevance, the content will never reach the first places.

Why is so important to increase your web authority?

We can define authority as the importance or popularity of a website on the Internet. It is one of the main values of a SEO strategy. The higher your web authority, the more likely your portal will appear in the first places of Google.

Authority is determined by the quality of the links pointing to the webpage involved. Therefore, the higher the quality of your external link profile, the higher your authority will be.

Better link profile = Higher authority = Better ranking

That said, how do we build our client links at SEO Alive? 

Link monitoring and disavowal

It is not uncommon to see other portals linking to your website without you asking for it. This type of linking is viewed favorably by Google, since it proves that your website is a benchmark in the industry. However, many of this links are often considered Spam and Google might even penalize you for this.

Therefore, an optimal external link profile is not only achieved through the acquisition of high-quality backlinks. We advocate including link monitoring and disavowal on the link building campaigns, and that’s how we do it for our clients. Thus, we perform a comprehensive profile analysis every now and then, and send Google a document specifying which links we don’t want to be taken into account.

On the next article, you will learn more about our backlinks disavowal strategy with the disavow file.

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Why should you hire SEO Alive link building services?

And, as all services offered at SEO Alive, our experts are fully prepared to cater to all issues and clear all your doubts regarding the strategy defined for your project.